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Accenture partnerships

Feb 23, 2022

Extended reality, also known as XR, was once discussed in the same hushed and reverent tones reserved for futuristic technologies like flying cars and robot housekeepers. Talk of merging the physical and virtual worlds was considered out there. That paradigm has shifted. XR is becoming real, one use case at a time....

Dec 16, 2021

Digital transformation has resulted in a surge in ransomware attacks. Explore why establishing business resilience is key right now.

Dec 16, 2021

Health care employee well-being is often touted as a business necessity, and strong evidence confirms that it’s smart business. Learn how human pressures affect your health workforce and uncover our four suggestions to leave your staff (and business) better off.

Dec 16, 2021

In this HIMSS Accelerate Health Podcast, Accenture provides insight into the patient experience and Healthcare IT design challenges healthcare organizations are currently faced with. Read the podcast transcript.